Beijing Dazheng Yongye Construction Machinery Co., Ltd is the company as a professional engaged in a variety of rotary drilling rig drilling tool design, manufacturing, sales as one of the modern high-tech enterprises. The company set up under the pile driving machinery research and development centers, bucket teeth casting factory, precision parts processing, technical service center. We have a number of years engaged in geotechnical engineering, geological drilling engineering design. The existing research staff of 20 people, the production of skilled workers and 100 people, 30 people management services team. The main products are rotary digging drilling, bucket teethV19, 25T, cutter, drill pipe series, elevator, reducer, gear, slewing, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, conduit, tube, wire rope and other 100 kinds of rotary drilling rig accessories.

Our Rotary Digging Drill Has Improved and Perfected
Report of BICES 2015



Beijing Dazheng Yongye Construction Machinery Co., Ltd


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