Dazheng Yongye, the bone marrow to like its name, which take big strides compose their own history with outstanding business pace. With sincerity, vitality, innovation, we create a courage, wisdom, perseverance, tenacity up the successful dream factory!

Hardships and dangers, we are in confidence with supporting structures of the past success mileage, ongoing in fumble, to stability and development, so that enterprises grand target positioning in the industry of new and high technology and the world simultaneously;" the pursuit of quality, industry and education" has become the company's never depreciation of the value; the large breasts, the same pregnant with life, brilliant life of the common verification.


Talent Is Never the Wing Won the Core Competitiveness
Our Rotary Digging Drill Has Improved and Perfected



Dazheng Yongye Take Big Strides Compose Their Own History


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